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Welcome to The Invention Factory! This site traces its name to the great inventor Thomas A. Edison. Edison quickly realized the importance to his inventing of having a properly equipped and staffed laboratory to conduct his experiments and build his inventions. Many visitors to his lab often commented that his lab looked to them more like a factory and they wanted to know what the factory produced. Edison would tell them that nothing is produced here and that this factory is for experiment and invention and he quickly stopped referring to it as a lab and simply started referring to it as "The Invention Factory". As a result, Edison invented today's modern research laboratory.

Edison had many interests, which led him to conduct many different types of experiments and ultimately invent many things. To amass his knowledge Edison relied mostly on books and took great pride in his extensive book collection. If you visit Edison's final Invention Factory in West Orange, New Jersey, which is now a historic site run by the National Parks Service, you can visit Edison's massive office and library. Entering the room you quickly are in awe of the many stacks of books surrounding you on several levels. The office/library is three stories tall. The first floor has his desk, a conference table, a desk for his assistant, a bed, his awards, and of course many, many books. The other two floors contain shelves and shelves of books.

Like Edison, the people behind this site have many interests and are on a constant quest for knowledge. So, we've created this site where we select and recommend books that are of interest to us and hopefully of interest to you. When Edison was born over 150 years ago books were not as readily available to him and it took a lifetime for him to put together his massive collection. Today, utilizing the power of the Internet we are able to bring to you this important book list.

We are now starting to offer a line of products in the lighting category to celebrate Edison's work in the areas of electricity and the light bulb. Things have come a long way since Edison and we are now able to use long lasting LED lights and powerful batteries to create light. Below is our products with links to full description pages.


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