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Affillate Product Clipstic-Cool way to display pictures and cards. If it is of interest, please click the link.

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ClipStic Photo/Card Displayer (Bamboo, Spice) An Innovative New Way to Display Your Favorite Photos and Cards, and Super-Easy: Just Peel and Stick and Tuck Into the Edges, Easily Displays 5-8 Photos

Clipstic Clipstic

clipstic Clipstic

  • Do-IT-YOURSELF: Create a beautiful and unique composition of your favorite photos IN MINUTES: just peel away the cover strip from the foam tape on the back and stick either horizontally or vertically to a nearby surface. Now you're ready to tuck in your favorite photos, postcards, and holiday cards!
  • ClipStic is an innovative new (Fall, 2017) creation from johnNYdesign that uses foam stips, hidden from view, to gently hold your images in place while allowing you to easily re-arrange them whenever you're ready to refresh your composition.
  • Each ClipStic displayer is just under 12 inches long and made from environmentally friendly bamboo. Four colors are available: Clearcoat Natural, Ivory Whitewash, Lava Black, and Spice Brown.

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